I have worked with and benefited directly from the activities of Black Gay Ink (BGI) for many years, BGI is a safe space for Black Gay men who love to write. The community is strengthened in the knowledge that the writing skills are developed and also embedded in the reality is queer therapy often denied in other areas of life. Working with
Troy Fairclough has given me the ability to understand the need for a holistic approach with clarity for the wellness and blackness of gay men that come to BGI.

Revd Jide Macaulay
Founder & CEO - House of Rainbow

At a time when the world was in flux, the pandemic was at war with the global population (who finally realised that structural racism was real), Black Gay Ink and in particular Troy Fairclough provided the safe space, community and opportunity to keep me and my fellow Black Gay Inkers sane.

Black Gay Ink made my dream of becoming a writer a reality, not only did it open my eyes to new techniques, styles and tear me out of my comfort zone but it opened doors to some of the biggest names in literature ( a high light of the course was meeting Ruth Harrison from Spread the Word and Dean Atta who both showered us with tips and practical advice about how we could make our dreams reality).

Black Gay Ink was more than a writing programme, it was a chance for me to enter the black gay community and make friends I hope will last a life time. Troy Fairclough was more than a tutor/coordinator; he was a friend and now a brother. I learnt things through Troy as part of Black gay Ink that will forever permeate my writing.

I wholeheartedly recommend Black Gay Ink to any would be Black Gay Writers and go even further to say that in Troy Fairclough you can trust; writing technical advice comes as standard, it's the pastoral and emotional support he gives that made the course so special, Thank You Troy and Thank you Black Gay Ink.


Troy Fairclough and Black Gay Ink are an important presence in the literature landscape. Troy's championing and centring of the narratives of Black British gay men through providing access to high quality workshops and literature programmes as part of a much needed intervention and disruption of their continued invisibility, is invaluable. It has been a pleasure to partner and collaborate with Troy, Black Gay Ink and to support the writers, creatives and literature activists who are talented, exciting, generous and ready to shine.

Joy Francis
Executive Director
Words of Colour Productions

BGI was my introduction to fiction writing, and it was a safe encouraging and challenging space to do so.
I developed the first story I was really proud of through this workshop, and the skills I learned, friends I made and characters I developed led me to getting a publishing deal, so big up Troy and the BGI crew.


Thanks for this amazing opportunity to share a safe and creative space with talented, like-minded black gay men in what I found to be a unique concept in London. I enjoyed being exposed to aspects of the literary industry that artists seldom get to explore on such an intimate level. You’re probably aware of the impact of meeting Rikki Beadle Blair, one of many highlights for me.
Writing fiction is my passion and through this course I became familiar with some of the important but often over looked aspects from inception to completion. The journey has been challenging and at times stressful but always supportive and nurturing. The content of the course has achieved an excellent balance of creativity and professionalism. Maybe you might wish to fine tune the criteria for future candidates who might make better use of this once in a lifetime chance to refine their craft. The course requires a significant commitment, but the benefits are invaluable. I plan to continue using the skills and knowledge I have acquired to fuel my artistry and inspire others.


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Troy has built a strong and supportive community around his vision. I’m inspired by the talent and camaraderie in Black Gay Ink.

Poet & Author Dean Atta

I Am Nobody's Nigger-Westborne Press 2013
The Black Flamingo-Hachette 2019

Black Gay Ink highlights and showcases hidden talents, within the LGBTQI community, that are often overlooked by the mainstream. I hope that BGI continues to amplify the voices of Black Queer men as they deserve to be heard.

Dennis L Carney

Diversity, Groupwork, and Personal Development
Dennis is the founder of Black Connections

BGI felt like home. A space for writers from all walks of life to come together and share ideas. I was very nervous at the start to showcase my work, and it was the continued support and encouragement from my BGI peers which helped me feel more confident in my writing. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

BGI-Graduate Awok

Black Gay Ink was an Amazing experience for me it's an opportunity not to be missed.

BGI-Graduate Jonelle

I’m so grateful Troy created a safe space where black gay men could socialise in a way that wasn’t sexualised and reflect freely on our experiences. And if that wasn’t enough, we got writing tips and techniques and ended up sharing our work with an audience at the end of the workshop! Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience.

BGI-Graduate Pierre

BGI was very good at providing some focus and a supportive network at a point in my career that I really needed it.


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